How The Patch Brand Made $500,000 Product Marketing On TikTok! W/ Gil Brozki

How The Patch Brand Made $500,000 On TikTok! W/ Gil Brozki

Want to learn product marketing on TikTok? Learn how The Patch Brand Has made over $500,000 and counting in sales directly from TikTok!!!

Today’s guest is…. Gil Brozki, founder of The Patch Brand!

A self-starter and lover of sports, music, and adventure, Gil Brozki is a brand architect looking to better the world. For Gil, building brands in the wellness space was always going to be his path which ultimately led him to creating The Patch Brand!

As crazy as it sounds, The Patch Brand has generated over $500,000 in revenue just from TikTok! In this episode, he shares his secrets!

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